Blood Fortifying Regimen

Regimen to Nourish Yin Blood - Blood Fortifying

Point Location:

  • 22: Between Point 127 and Point 87
  • 127: The deepest point of the chin curve
  • 17: Intersection of the tangent line in the iris of the pupil and the line bisecting the median fissure
  • 113: Intersection of the inner corner of the eye and the bifurcation of the median sulcus
  • 7: Next to the trench of the human heart
  • 63: Midpoint of the median groove
  • 50: Intersection of the line across the edge of the nose and the middle of the iris of the right pupil
  • 19: The end point at the bridge of the nose
  • 39: Intersection between the horizontal line of the outer edge of the nose and the line of the nose and cheeks (ordinance line)
  • 37: Intersection of the line dividing the wings of the nose and the line between the iris of the left pupil
  • 1: Point on the midline of the tip of the nose
  • 0: End point of the inner ear jar

Source: Dien Chan ABC