The DienChan Ying Yang Diagram

The Dien Chan Yin-Yang Diagram is a graphical representation of the body on the face in acupuncture therapy. The diagram contains two projections of the body, the red man and the blue woman, which correspond to the yang and yin aspects of the body, respectively.

The red man, or yang body, is represented with his head in the lower half of the forehead and his hands seizing the temples of the face. His back covers the nose, and his legs cover the ears and mouth. The knees of the red man coincide with the corners of the mouth, his heels join beneath the lower lip, and his toes are spread across the chin.

The blue woman, or yin body, has her head occupying the whole central area of the forehead. Her trunk coincides with that of the yang representation, but her hands emerge from the cheekbones, with the thumbs situated at the point where the nostrils meet the cheeks. The ring and little fingers reach the corner of the mouth, and her feet extend the man’s foot area over the lower jaw.

This diagram is used to treat numerous disorders involving the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth by providing acupoints for specific treatments. By understanding and utilizing the Dien Chan Yin-Yang diagram, practitioners can offer more effective and personalized therapy for their patients.